StudentLink Canada Monthly Feature for November:

Seaworld Penguins

Antarctic Penguins

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Live Penguin Cam!

Penguins Around
the World
Kidzone Penguins Penguin Pics
New England
Aquarium Penguins

I am a bird you know quite well
All dressed in black and white.
And even though I do have wings
They're not designed for flight.
I waddle, waddle, waddle,
on my funny little feet.
Across the icy snow I go
To find a fishy treat!
                 - Roxanne Williams

PBS: Penguins
Penguin Adaptation
National Geographic
Creature Feature

Penguin Print-Outs

Penguin Webquest

Penguin Lesson Plans

March of the Penguins Movie

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